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Information security forensics and cybercrime investigation have a higher requirement of knowledge thus are highly valued in the IT industry. Although there are already many Windows-based solutions, the industry is still lack of Linux-based solutions.

rth is a cross-platform, real-time, customizable solution.

By our visualization dashboard, system security engineers can easily trace out hacker attacks and non-standard connections without looking through millions of log data.

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Log Management | Neo Chen
System logs are an important source for system security monitoring, but millions of computer-generated logs aren’t all useful. In order to trace abnormal behaviors, efficient log management is needed.

Hacks Visualization | Peter Huang
Understanding millions of computer-generated logs in a short time is almost impossible for human eyes. Our eyes are drawn to colors and patterns, and can efficiently recognize abnormal signals from visualized data. Thus, hacks visualization is important to differentiate hacker attacks or non-standard connections from an enormous amount of logs.

Security Inspection Methods | Peggy Shih
Auto-generated logs may not be enough for security inspections. To trace abnormal behaviors between applications, there are many ways to record client behaviors.

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